Who doesn't want more money?


Pre Harvest Yield Assessments 

***Before AFSC comes out***

Only $250 for up to 2500 acres (plus mileage) 

We also can be your authorized rep and look after your strips ensuring the best payout 

Call today for same day service 


Our main focus is to put money back in your pocket

How you ask? 

By getting you the absolute best hail adjustment possible = $$$

Our team of highly skilled professionals have over 25 years of combined hail adjusting experience & we know farming

2020 has been an extremely hard year on everyone.

Throw in the many years of various bad weather throughout the province and this creates a situation where everyone is looking for ways to cut costs.

How does this impact you?

This means that your assessment could be considerably lower or just plain denied in a time where you need more money back in your pocket!

We know how plant hail damage is calculated and know that there is often a variance in one count to the next. Let us help make sure those numbers work for you

We believe that consistency is key and that is what makes us stand out from the rest