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We are an experienced team of independent hail adjusters, crop consultants, and crop inspectors that can complete your hail claim for you or represent you when your busy.

This ensures prompt payments from insurance companies and 100% damage accuracy.

As your authorized representatives we accompany adjusters any day or time. We have online bookings to make sure your claim is handled in a timely manner and by qualified inspectors.
Our training includes agronomy, seed inspection (CFIA) and many years of crop insurance claims and dispute discrepancies. We know farming and we understand crop insurance.

We offer:

1. Second Opinions
2. Field Monitoring & Scouting

We Serve Central and Southern Alberta

A Fair Shake Hail Consulting was founded in 2020 by highly skilled Ag. professionals with a single mission: To be the most successful, fair and pro-farmer hail consulting agency in Alberta

We approach every hail adjustment with fresh eyes and use our many years of experience to negotiate the best possible outcome and make sure no corners are being cut​

We have only the farmers best interest at heart and pride ourselves on integrity and loyalty

Give us a call today and see how we can put money back in your pocket

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